Subscription Membership Software – Software Features to Look For

Subscription based membership sites are great way to create additional recurring streams of income. By providing content on a regular basis to paying members, you are also providing an in demand service. First though, you must set up the initial site. Here are three things to consider when selecting the right subscription membership software to build your site with.

Type Of Membership Site You Are Creating

First, you need to know what type of content you are planning on providing those who subscribe to your membership site. Some software limites you to providing your members with access to files, such as downloadable reports, audio and video content. On the other hand, there are other titles available that will create robust membership sites with additional features such as allowing your members to private message each other, create their own blogs and post their own content to share with other members.

Automatic Payment Processing

Since you are planning a subscription based membership, you’ll want to make sure that the software is integrated with one of the popular payment processors such as Paypal. This will automate the process of charging your members and granting or denying them access depending on whether their subscription is current or not.

Best of all, automated payment processing means you can spend more time on growing your membership and collecting your earnings and less time dealing with billing.

Affiliate Integration

One of the most valuable features you can look for in membership site software is the ability to turn your current members into active affiliates. Chances are, if someone is currently paying to be a part of your membership, they would probably be happy to promote it to others for a share of the monthly subscription fee.

Several of the top membership site creators have this feature built right in, which can reduce your marketing costs while increasing your paid subscriber base.