Documentation: Upgrading / Downgrading Subscriptions

Once you have more than one Product available within Azimio, a customer can have their current Subscription upgraded or downgraded to a different Product than the one that they are currently subscribed to. This is accomplished by clicking  on the Edit Subscription screen to display the Upgrade / Downgrade screen, illustrated below. Follow the steps below to work with the Upgrade/Downgrade screen.


  • Click  to upgrade or downgrade the Customer’s subscription. Before performing the upgrade/downgrade, the system displays a Confirmation window, illustrated below, to ensure that is your intention. Click OK to perform the upgrade or downgrade or click Cancel to close this window without making this change.

  • A Confirmation screen is then displayed, as shown in the following illustration. The History section within the Subscription Details portion of the screen shows you that the Subscription has been given a new Subscription Number.




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