Documentation: Projects

Selecting Projects on the menu displays the Projects screen, illustrated below, where all of the Projects that you create within Azimio are stored and displayed. As shown in the illustration, these Projects are displayed on a Projects list, with the Name, Subdomain, Products, Customers and Subscriptions information for each project on the list shown.

Each Project that you create comes with a unique and secure URL such as The project URL is created at the same that you create a new Project. Each Project also comes with a choice of currency unit. Currently Azimio projects have a default currency unit of USD (US Dollars).

Follow the steps below to work with the Projects screen.


  1. Click  to add a new Project to the system. Please refer to the Creating a New Project section of the document for details on creating new Projects.
  2. Click the Name link for any Project on the Project list to display the Dashboard for that Project. Please refer to the Managing a Project/The Dashboard section of the document for details on managing Projects.
  3. Click the Subdomain link to display the Subdomain screen, illustrated below, which shows you the Customers subscribed to the Product, with their Subscriptions, Invoices and Payments listed.


This screen can also be used to add additional Subscriptions for the Customer as well as add Payments on Overdue Invoices.

  1. Click  within the Edit column for any project on the Project list to edit that Project’s details. Please refer to the Editing a Project section of the document for details on editing Projects.


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