Documentation: Payment Gateway

Selecting the Payment Gateway option on the Settings menu displays the Payment Gateway screen, illustrated below. Add your Gateway credentials here. You will need your API Login ID and your Transaction Key from your Gateway provider. You can also add your Paypal Pro Website Payments Pro account API Username, API Password and Signature to use Paypal Pro as your payment gateway. Let Azimio know if you need assistance with this.

Azimio currently supports and PayPal Pro Payment Gateways. Additional Gateways will be added shortly.

  • Click the Edit link to test this setting. The Authorize.Net screen, illustrated below, is displayed.

  • Use these entries to perform a test of the Payment Gateway:

API Login ID: xxxxxxxxxx

Transaction Key: 1111111111111111

  • Click  to perform the test. A Confirmation screen, illustrated below, will be displayed to let you know that the process completed successfully.



Paypal Pro - Website Payments Pro

Merchants who want to use Website Payments Pro will have to provide 3 credentials for the Azimio system: API Username, API Password and Signature(which is a replacement for certificate).

You can enter the credentials required from Project->Settings->Payment Gateway

Select the Paypal option and enter your required credentials listed above.

The automated payments are made with a function named DoReferenceTransaction API.

Important Note

This API function is not available by default in your Paypal Pro account.  You will need to submit a request through Paypal customer support for your Paypal Pro account to be reviewed and approved to use this API function.

Paypal Pro Limitations:

The transaction ID which is returned from the last transaction is saved in your customers' payment profile. This transaction ID has an expiration time of 1 year (365 days). If your subscriptions are more than 1 year in duration, you will need to require your customers to update their payment profile by making a new payment within 12 months.

Lastly, PayPal’s Website Payments Pro is available to merchants in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.


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