Documentation: Managing Projects

Clicking on the Name link for a Project on the Projects list displays the Dashboard for that Project, as shown in the illustration below, complete with a Project menu containing options solely devoted to managing a Project located at the left-hand side of the screen. You can quickly switch from one Project to another by making a selection from the Merchant Interface list and clicking , as shown in the illustration below.


The Dashboard itself displays a quick overview of your account. It displays the Invoices Due, Invoices Pending, Payments Today, Metrics and Analysis and Expiring Products as well as a visual chart that shows your account in a snapshot view.



You can compare two different Metrics over a period of time by selecting them from the Metrics lists and using the Calendar icon to populate the Period From and Period To fields, then clicking  to generate the graph, as shown in the following illustration.


The Dashboard also displays any Expiring Products associated with your account. Please refer to the Products section of the document for details on working with Products within Azimio.

The next pages of the document will describe all of the functionality available within the Project menu.



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