Documentation: Invoice Tab

Selecting the Invoices tab on the Edit Customer screen displays the Invoices screen, illustrated below which allows you to view Current Invoices for the Customer. Invoices can be tied to Subscriptions or you can add one-time Non-Subscription or Non-Recurring Invoices. Each line on the Invoices list displays the Name, Total, Amount Due and Due Date for an Invoice, as well the date that the Invoice was Created and the Invoice’s Status. Follow the steps below to work with the Invoices screen.


  1. Click  to add an additional Invoice to the system. Please refer to the Adding an Invoice section of the document for details on creating, editing and deleting Invoices.
  2. Click the Name link for a line on the Invoices list to display the Edit Invoice screen, where you can add items to and make payments on, an existing Invoice, if necessary.


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