Documentation: Import Customers

Selecting Customers on the Projects menu and then selecting Import Customers allows you to use Azimio to import or migrate your current Customers into your Projects interface using the Import Customers screen, illustrated below.

You can import and map fields to your Azimio account. You can also import custom fields (previously created). Additionally, you can download your Customer list using an Excel or CSV download format and also add CRM codes to integrate Azimio into your CRM software. Follow the steps below to import Customer information.


  1. Click Browse to populate the File field with the file that you would like to upload to the system.
  2. Select the Has Header checkbox if the file that you will be uploading contains a Header.
  3. Click Upload to Upload the file to the system. A Customers screen is automatically populated with the data you have uploaded, as shown in the following illustration. Map your Column Headers to the information in the body of those columns and then click  to save your changes to the system.


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