Documentation: General Project Settings

The Settings option on the Projects menu has the following sub-menu options available:

  • General
  • Payment Gateway
  • Customer Interface
  • Invoicing
  • Notifications
  • Dunning Emails

These options will be discussed in detail over the following pages of the document.

General Settings:

Selecting the General option on the Settings menu displays the General Settings screen, illustrated below.  This screen allows you to define Project-wide settings for Project Status, Enabling or Disabling Coupons and Email Settings, including global Headers and Footers. Follow the steps below to work with the General Settings screen.


Within the Project portion of the screen:

  1. Select either the Project Status Live or Project Status Test radio button. This is a required selection.


Within the Email Settings portion of the screen:

  1. Enter an Email Address for the Project in the Email text field. This is a required entry.
  2. Enter an Email Name for the Project in the Name text field. This is a required entry.
  3. Enter the text that you would like to appear in the Headers of the Project’s Emails in the Email Header text box. You can highlight the text that you enter and make it Bold or use it to create a hyperlink.
  4. The Email Footer text box comes pre-populated with the Merchant Name, Phone Number and Email Address already in place.
  5. Click  to save these settings to the system.


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