Documentation: Customers

Selecting Customers on the Projects menu and then selecting Customers from the submenu displays the Customers screen, illustrated below. Customers that you add to the system are displayed on a Customers list, with their Name, CRM Code and the date that they were Created displayed for each line on the list. Use the steps below to work with the Customers screen.


  1. Click  to add a new Customer directly into the system from this screen. Please refer to the Adding a Customer section of the document for details on adding Customers to Azimio.
  2. Click  or  to export Customer information as described in the previous section of the document.
  3. Enter a Name and/or CRM code in their respective text fields and click  to filter the Customers list to narrow the scope of Customers displayed on the Customers list or click  to clear a Filter that is in place to re-display all existing Customers.
  4. Click a Name link on the Customer list or  for a line on the list to edit an existing Customer’s information. Please refer to the Editing a Customer section of the document for details on editing an existing Customer.


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