Documentation: Adding a Rate Plan for a Product

Clicking  on the screen above allows you to associate a Rate Plan with the Product you have just added using the Add Plan screen, shown in the following illustration. Rate Plans can be as simple or as complex as you want. For example you can set up a free trial plan for 14 days and also a regular rate plan with a setup fee, recurring fees and also usage fees. Rate plans can be duplicated, edited, deactivated, rearranged or deleted at any time. Plan periods and Billing Cycles can be set and customized. Use the steps below to add a Rate Plan to a Product within Azimio.


  1. Enter a name for the new Rate Plan in the Name text field. This is a required entry.
  2. Define a Period for which the Rate Plan will be in effect using the Period field and making a selection from the Period list.
  3. Define a Billing Cycle for the Rate Plan using the Billing Cycle field and making a selection from the Billing Cycle list.
  4. Select a Status for the new Rate Plan by selecting either the Disabled or Active radio button.
  5. Enter a Description for the new Rate Plan in the Description text box. You can highlight text and use the tool bar to make that text bold or create a hyperlink.
  6. Click  to display the Rate Plan screen, illustrated below.




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