Documentation: Adding a Payment

Clicking  on the Payments screen displays the Add Payment screen, illustrated below, where you can add additional Payments that have been received from the Customer whose information you are currently editing. Follow the steps below to work with the Add Payment screen.


  1. Azimio automatically enters the Amount Due in the Amount text field.
  2. Select the method by which the Payment is being made from the Type list. Available options are Credit, Bank, Free Credit or Cash.
  3. You can choose to modify the amount due and the applicable outstanding invoices and amounts to apply to each.
  4. If the date of the Payment is different than today’s date, use the Calendar icon to select a different date with which to populate the Date text field.
  5. Enter any Notes pertaining to the Payment in the Notes text box.
  6. Click  to add the Payment to the system.


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