Recurring Billing Payment

Handling Recurring Billing with Azimio

One of the easiest ways to handle your recurring billing needs is through Azimio. Along with managing your recurring billing needs, Azimio will also help you manage your subscriptions. Azimio does this by incorporating a simple way in which you can set up and manage key processes related to your catalogs, your customers and your subscription billing processes. By automating many of these tasks, Azimio helps you to concentrate on your core business, rather than be distracted by monitoring a recurring payment system that is difficult to control and manage.

Easy Billing at Specified Periodicity

Whatever be the periodicity of your billing, is it monthly billing, or of any other periodicity, Azimio will cover all your recurring billing requirements. Not only does Azimio make tracking of recurrent payment simple, it is easy to set up, is scalable, and presents you with advanced features. No longer will that monthly billing system take you several months to set up, and then cause you several headaches with integration; Azimio seamlessly integrates into your existing set up with a minimum of fuss.

Tracking of Payments That Are Recurring In Nature

It is also necessary that any system that you set up to track recurring payments should be scalable. This is because it must be able to keep pace with your business requirements as your company grows and you add on more and more customers. Azimio allows you to add on as many customers and projects as you like. Azimio is tailor-made to manage all your monthly billing, or other recurring payment tracking requirements, whether you are a small business or a large one.

Azimio’s Host of Features

With Azimio, you get a system that manages your subscriptions smoothly, generates your invoices and tracks the payments due to you. Besides, the system gives you the flexibility of incorporating coupons and discounts, which allows you to take care of your special customers. Azimio has a report generating feature which helps you keep track of your customers, the invoices raised against them and the payments received from them. It is possible to customize the customer interface, so that each of your customers can be presented with a different look and feel on their customer interface page. The emails that the system generates can also be customized. Azimio integrates payment gateways within its ambit, making online payments possible. Notifications can be automated, and can be triggered off by prescribed events.