Online Payment Processing System

Azimio – The Complete Subscription Billing Management System

If you have been searching for a smart and scalable online payment system that is complete in itself – look no further. Azimio is the right choice. Azimio is superior to other comparable online payment systems because it facilitates easy recurring billing, and provides for flexible subscription management. What is more, the online payment processing options presented by Azimio makes it possible to handle subscription models that are complex and need a fair degree of customization. You will discover that operating costs for Azimio is also very low.

Features That Make Azimio Stand Out From the Competition

Unlike other online payment systems, Azimio allows you to add on as many customers as you like. You do this by either importing the list you already have into the system, or by having customers register via your subscription page. In addition, Azimio is an online payment system that without any prompting from you will create an invoice as soon as a customer subscribes to a product. Azimio will also enable online payment processing, and track details like last payment, last invoice raised and the like.

Azimio Allows For a Great Degree of Flexibility

Flexibility available with Azimio which may not be a feature on other online payment systems is the option to create coupons through which special rates or discounts can be made possible on the original invoice. Not only that, the Azimio online payment system also tracks the usage of the coupons, and this will give you an assessment, through your online payment processing, which of the promotions that you have launched are working well. Azimio also generates graphs based on the metrics of subscriptions, invoices and payments, within a specified time period. Azimio’s settings functionality also includes payment gateways. This ensures that your transaction processing is secure and is completed quickly.

Customization Is Possible With Azimio

With Azimio, you can customize the customer interface with a minimum of fuss. This is important, as the customer interface page is the one your customers visit to sign up for subscriptions to your products. You can set the number of days after an invoice is raised that it becomes due, and if you have the customer’s payment profile information, the system can automatically process payment when it becomes due. Similarly, triggers can be identified for release of various email notifications, which can be automatically sent based on certain conditions.