Online Billing Software

Online Billing Software That Allows Flexibility

Azimio is billing software which simplifies all your recurring billing needs. It is easy to integrate with the business applications that you are already using, and can be quickly set up and implemented in a very short time. Azimio is scalable, so it is possible for Azimio to grow with your business, and it has several advanced features which makes it one of the best online billing software that is available.

Azimio – Versatile Online Billing Software

Azimio facilitates automated billing. When a customer purchases a service or a product from you, the internet billing software automatically creates and sends an invoice to the customer. Thereafter, the software keeps track of the payments made by the customer, so that you are able to get up-to-date information about the payment status of all your customers. What is more, these billing applications allow for the invoices and payments to be exported onto Excel sheets, and can then be analysed, or manipulated for other purposes.

You will find that Azimio is billing software that allows for effective and easy subscriptions management. The list of products that your customer subscribes to is known as subscriptions. When using the Azimio online billing software, you will be able to view the complete details of the customer on the Customer Summary Report, including the last invoice and any payments made.

Automated Billing Has Never Been So Uncomplicated

Besides automated billing, Azimio also gives you the flexibility to create coupons and discounts for the products being offered by you. This enables you to give selected customers discounts on the original invoice, depending on the conditions that the customer fulfils. This and other features make Azimio a very versatile internet billing software. What you are looking for from any of the billing applications that you might choose are a certain degree of adaptability, and with Azimio, you are assured of the same.

Graphic Comparison of Metrics

In addition to all of the above, Azimio is a billing software that has a unique reports function. While automated billing remains the core of the Azimio USP, this internet billing software generates graphs on three metrics – subscriptions, invoices and payments. This gives an added edge to billing applications, as you can now analyse the comparison between two metrics, and also generate a report for specific time periods. All of this makes Azimio online billing software that is as useful as it is versatile.