Online Billing Service

Easy and Stress-free Online Billing Service

Azimio provides online billing service, which in simple terms means that it assists with the electronic delivery of invoices to your customers. This may be related to credit card billing, or some other billing service. Azimio is delivered on software as a service model (SaaS). In a SaaS model, both software and the associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Users access SaaS via a web browser. Cloud computing improves agility, reduces cost, and is independent of device and location.

Azimio Supports Growing Businesses

Azimio not only provides you with a billing solution that helps you to manage the complexities of generating online invoices on your customers, but also tracks whether payments have been made against these invoices. As with many businesses, this may be one of the areas in which you are experiencing the most issues, because the complexity of this tracking and management process increases manifold with the increase in your business. Increase in business means that you require an enhanced online billing service because you have more customers to invoice, and more payments that have to be kept track of and collected. In this type of scenario, Azimio provides you with a comprehensive billing solution.

Azimio Systems Functionality Supports Payment Gateways

Azimio supports credit card billing, and provides for a payment gateway system setting that enables secure transactions to be made online. The billing service provided by Azimio is comprehensive and easy to use. You can also set up notification services such that in the event of invoices not being paid by a certain period; automatic reminders can be sent to your customers via e-mail, with little or no intervention from your end.

Azimio – The Complete Billing Solution

If you are looking for a complete billing solution for your business which incorporates an online billing service, Azimio is the solution that you have been searching for. Not only is Azimio a scalable billing service which allows you to add as many customers as you need, it is also suitable for credit card billing. Azimio incorporates subscriptions management, enables invoicing and payment receipt and has inbuilt provisions for coupons and discounts. With Azimio, you get superior features with unparalleled flexibility and customization possibilities. All of this makes Azimio the product of choice for all growing businesses, so that you can stop worrying about your billing processes and can focus more on your business requirements.