Implementation Help

It’s easy getting up and running with Azimio; simply follow the steps below:

Create an Account by visiting and clicking Register.

Create a Project once you have established your account by clicking Projects at the top left-hand side of the screen, then clicking Add Project on the Projects screen.

Create a Category by clicking Categories on the Project Menu and then clicking Add Categories. Categories allow you to group similar Products and Tracked Items for easy management. You can create multiple Project Categories. Each Category will represent a separate listing on your Customer Interface (CI) and Subscription Signup page. Once you’ve created a Category, you can add Products to your account.

Create a Product to associate with your new Project. Products need to have the following elements associated with them:

  • Name
  • Category
  • SKU
  • Description
  • Date Start (allows you to set a date from which the Product will appear on the Customer Interface)
  • Date End (allows you to set a date the product will be removed from the Customer Interface)

Create a Product Rate Plan that will apply to your new Product. You are given the opportunity to assign Rate Plan as a step in the process of creating a Product.

Create the Rate Fees that will apply to your Product Plan. You can create both One-time and Recurring Fees, as well as Usage Fees. Rate plans can be duplicated, edited, deactivated, rearranged or deleted at any time. Plan periods and Billing Cycles can be set and customized.

Create a Self-Service Signup or Subscriptions page. Sending a Customer the link to your Subscriptions page allows them to self-enroll to a Subscription or Product Plan, as well as make Payments directly from that page. Customers can use Azimio’s convenient Self-Service option which allows them to self-enroll in your Product’s Subscription Plans.

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