How it Works

Azimio is a state-of-the-art enterprise Subscription Billing Management Platform, delivered via a SaaS model. The system easily allows your organization to manage your Subscription or Recurring Revenue Models by simplifying the manner in which you create and maintain your Catalogs, Customers and Subscription Billing processes. Azimio helps you perform all of these critical tasks with ease, peace of mind and automation.

All administrative interfaces of Azimio (Merchant, Customer & API) can only be accessed over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS) to ensure maximum security for Azimio merchants, their customers and their data.

The following is an overview of the different components that make up the Azimio system:

Projects - Projects are the backbone of the Azimio system and are an internal representation of your Products or Business Units. You can add as many Projects as you like to Azimio. Each Project that you create comes with a unique and secure URL that is generated for you automatically at the same time that you create the Project. Azimio lets you easily create Product Plans for each Product and establish either One-time, Recurring or Usage Fees. Simple Fees allow you to specify a Billing Cycle and a Price, while Advanced Fees allow you to associate Tracked Items with a Product, meaning that you can set up Pricing Tables; different Prices or Fees can be set for different quantities of the Tracked Item. At each Price Row you can specify the End Interval (the Start Interval is automatically calculated), the Price and Price Type (Flat Fee, Per Unit).

Categories - Categories allow you to group similar Products and Tracked Items for easy management and you can create as many as you need. Each Category that you create will represent a separate listing on your Customer Interface and Subscription Signup page. For your convenience, Categories can be activated or deactivated at any time, with a deactivated Category being invisible on both your Customer Interface and Subscription Signup page. Additionally, within an Azimio Category, you can add Tracked Items. Tracked Items are attached to Product Plans and Fees. Tracked Items can be measured and used in calculating pricing.

Customers - Customers can be added to Azimio in two ways: via your Subscription page or by importing your existing Customer list into the system. Using your Subscription page, after a Customer completes a Subscription form they will be redirected to their own secure and unique URL, where they can see all of the details of their Subscriptions including Invoices and any Payments made. Customers can also process payments on their Subscription Login page. This will help Customer manage their Subscriptions without the need to register for an account. Once a customer submits their Subscription registration, using the Project interface, the merchant instantly receives this data and can edit the Customer's information including their Contacts Details, Subscriptions, Invoices and Payments. Azimio also lets you add Custom Fields for your Customers. Custom Fields allow you to add your own Subscription form fields which your users can then be required to complete when subscribing to your Products. Another powerful Azimio feature is the Customer Import system, which allows you to easily import your Customer database via a simple CSV file upload. You can even map your own custom fields during the Import process.

Subscriptions - Subscriptions are a list of all of the Products that your Customers subscribe to or order. Azimio’s Subscriptions Details page allows you to view the Customer’s self-service page, the same page that your Customers will use to manage their Subscriptions including processing payments and adding new subscriptions. Azimio’s Subscription Details page also includes a Customer Summary Report which shows the Customer’s Name, Date Created, Life Time Revenue, Last Invoice, any Amount Due, Last Payment, Credit available and the Customer’s designated Contact. Additionally, the Subscription details page also includes information on the Rate Plan in effect, including information on one time fees, recurring fees and usage fees. The Subscription details page also has an Invoice tab which shows you any Invoices linked to a subscription. You can select that tab to quickly view the Invoice details or add a new Invoice to the subscription.

Invoices and Payments - Azimio automatically creates your Invoices when a Customer subscribes to one of your Products or Services, and also automatically keeps track of all the Payments that your Customers make. Both Invoices and Payments can quickly be exported as either .CSV or .PDF files for working with them locally in Excel. The Payments function also tracks all of your Transaction, which can be sorted within Azimio based on their Status.

Coupons - Azimio allows you to create Coupons for your Products. These Coupons give you the option to give your Customers discounts to their initial Invoice when the Customer subscribes to a Product’s Rate Plan. You can easily define Start and End dates for the Coupons that you create and track their Usage, giving you valuable insights into which Promotions are working well to see which Coupons are being used as well as which Invoices are associated with that Usage.

Reports - Azimio’s unique Reports function allows you to view a graph based on the following 3 metrics: Subscriptions, Invoices and Payments. The graphing function supports comparing two metrics and also generating a time period report for which you define the Start and End date.

System Settings: General- The powerful administrative functionality that comes with Azimio allows you to easily set your Projects’ statuses as being either in Test Mode or Live Mode. In Test Mode the site is able to connect to Test Payment Gateways. Making a Project’s status as Live allows you to receive real/live transactions. Additionally, you can quickly enable the Coupons that you create so that the Coupons field will appears on your Subscription form, allowing your Customers can enter in coupon codes. Email settings are easy to configure, including the From Email line when you send Customer Emails and the ability to apply global Headers and Footers to each Email that you send.

System Settings: Payment Gateways - Payment Gateways are also part of Azimio’s Settings functionality. This function allows you to easily configure your Gateway credentials to guarantee secure transaction processing. All you need to do is enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key to have Authorize.Net process your payments – if Authorize.Net is your Payment Processor. If you don’t have a Payment Processor, click here to have Merchants compete for your business at for the best payment gateway.

System Settings: Customer Interface - Your Customer Interface is the page that your Customers go to in order to sign up for your Subscriptions to your Products. Azimio makes it easy to customize this interface using custom CSS scripts and a number of other built-in settings. Additionally, you can quickly sync your Azimio account with Google Analytics, simply by entering your Google Analytics Profile ID. You can also easily enable Google Analytics Ecommerce and the system will send Subscription data as a transaction that can be tracked within the Ecommerce section of your Google Analytics Profile.

System Settings: Invoicing - Use Azimio’s Invoicing function to set the number of days after an Invoice is issued that the system will designate the Invoice as due. If you have a Payment Profile set up within Azimio for a Customer the system can automatically process payments for an Invoice using the Customer’s Payment Profile Information.

System Settings: Notifications - Use Azimio’s Notification Emails to define triggers for various Email Notifications that you can set to be sent based on certain conditions. You can even set Merged Fields, which will customize your Emails using database data from the system. When a Merged Field is inserted into a Email Notification, the system inserts it into your Email Template – with no errors, and no difficult code to copy and paste.

System Settings: Dunning Emails - Use Azimio’s Dunning Emails functionality to easily send Dunning Emails to customers who have overdue Invoices. You can CC Dunning Emails to your Collections/Accounts Receivable department and you can also set the Terminate on Last Notification option to Yes if you want the system to stop or cancel a Customer’s subscription at the end of the Dunning Email series.

Users and Roles – Do you need to create different User Roles for your staff? Azimio makes it easy to add additional Users to your Azimio Merchant account and assign them Roles within the system. You can create as many Roles as necessary based on your Business Model, easily edit and delete Users and Roles at any time as well, and simplify your User Management tasks.

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