Q1: What exactly does Azimio do?

Q2: Do I have to have a website to use Azimio?

Q3: Is Azimio only for web-based businesses or software companies?

Q4: Do I need a credit card to try Azimio?

Q5: What happens if I need assistance? Do I have to pay for it?

Q6: Can you help me if my preferred Payment Gateway is not supported?



Q1: What exactly does Azimio do?

Azimio enables any organization or business to easily receive recurring payments. What are recurring payments? Think about magazine subscriptions or your Netflix account. You typically pay these vendors on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis right? Well Azimio helps your business become a recurring revenue cash business. You simply create your subscription plans, activate your signup page or integrate into your application or website and start collecting monthly, quaterly or yearly payments.

Q2: Do you need a website to use Azimio?

No. You will get a custom website when you signup for Azimio. However if you want to add Azimio to your existing website, you can. Its easy with our API and HTML tools.

Q3: Is Azimio only for software companies or web-based businesses?

Definitely not. You can turn any business into a recurring revenue business. As a matter of fact, check out this video by our president sharing how you can increase revenues by considering a subscription model for your business. Ask us how your business might benefit from a system like Azimio. We will be happy to share - Free of course.

Q4: Do I need a credit card to try Azimio?

No you don't. You only need your 2 minutes of your time. Give it a try.

Q5: What happens should you need assistance?

You can access support 24/7. Reach us via phone 877-624-7226 ext 5, email us support@azimiosystems.com. Support is free.

Q6: What if my preferred payment gateway is not supported?

Please contact us 877-624-7226 ext 5 or email support@azimiosystems.com. We are here to help.