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Azimio API Methods

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API Method: Tracked Items List

API Methods: Products List

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API Methods: Get Plans

API Methods: Customers List

API Methods: Get Customers

API Methods: Add Customers

API Methods: Subscriptions List

API Methods: Get Subscriptions

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API Overview

The Azimio API consists of a set of callable methods. The Azimio API enables you (or your application) to seamlessly interact with the Azimio Platform - via programming code.

To perform an action using the API, simply send a request to an API endpoint and a response will then be sent back to you or your application.

Some of the ways you can interact with the Azimio API include:

  • Products
  • Subscriptions
  • Customers

All requests to the API are sent via HTTPS SSL encryption to protect your sensitive data.

API Authentication

All requests to the API must contain the parameter api_token in the URL. You can obtain your API token from your Merchant Interface.

Download the Azimio API User Guide.