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Welcome to Azimio! Azimio is a complete, scalable and smart subscription billing management system. Azimio will silently and smartly interface with your business to handle all aspects of your subscription billing management programs. Azimio is a solid and reliable web-based service with a simple self-service or API model to suit any business operation.

Azimio Projects come equipped with a unique and secure URL that is created for you at the time you create a new Project, and comes with a choice of Currency units. Projects are displayed on a Projects list, with the Name, Subdomain, Products, Customers and Subscriptions information for each project on the list shown.

Categories allow you to group similar Products and Tracked Items for easy management, and you can create multiple Project Categories. Each Category will represent a separate listing on your Customer Interface (CI) and Subscription Signup page.

Tracked Items are attached to Product rate plans and fees and can be measured and used in calculating pricing. Tracked Items must be associated with a Category and given a Unit Name. The Tracked Items list displays the Name and Category for each Tracked Item that you create.

After creating Categories and Tracked Items, you can add Products. Each Product that you add to the system is displayed on a Products list, with a Name, Category, Date Created, Self-service option, and Copy column shown for each line on the list. Copying Products allows you to quickly create similar Products within Azimio, using an existing Product as a Template.

Azimio also offers you different Fee Types to associate with the Products that you create. Use can use One-time Fees, Recurring Fees and even Usage Fees.

Customer creation and management is easy using Azimio. You can either add Customers manually from within the system or import your Customer list as a .CSV  file. Additionally, Customers can use Azimio’s convenient Self-Service option which allows them to self-enroll in your Product’s Subscription Plans. You can also use the Edit Customer function to maintain all of a Customers’ information, including their Contacts, Subscriptions, Invoices and Payments. Use the Custom Fields option to add your own Subscription Form fields which Customers can then be required to complete when subscribing to your products.

Azimio also allows you to create and employ Coupons and associate them with your Products or Subscriptions, enticing your Customers with discounts on your Products, as either a dollar amount or as a percentage price.

Azimio also provides you with the ability to automatically send Dunning Emails to Customers who are delinquent with their Payments or submit invalid Credit Card information. You can set the number of days upon receipt of an Invoice that those Customers will be notified of that invoice being due.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with complete, detailed instructions on setting up and working with your Azimio account so that you can make the most of the application’s powerful functionality.



Download the Azimio System User Guide.