Azimio 101 - Self-Service System

The Self-service page link allows you to send the Customer a link their Azimio Self-service page via Email so that they can sign up for Subscriptions and make Payments on them if they don’t already have a Payment Profile established within the system.

Sending a Customer the link to your Subscriptions page allows them to self-enroll to a Subscription or Product Plan.

Your Customers that don’t yet have a Payment Profile on file with Azimio can also make Payments on a Subscription manually using the Self-service page once you send them a link to it using the Subscription Details page, which lists the Products, Rate Plans, Statuses, Invoices and Payments related to their Subscriptions.

Clicking My Subscriptions allows you to view a detailed list of the Customer’s Subscriptions, Invoices and Payments, as shown in the following illustration. The option to sign-up for a Subscription or make Payments for a Subscription are also provided on this screen.

This screen contains no Login link, so the Customer can rest assured that this is a secure, unique and encrypted connection that no one else can access but them. The can click My Subscriptions to view a list of their current Subscriptions or click on an Invoice link to view a list of their Invoice history. They can easily export Subscription and Invoice details as .PDF files and if they ever lose their URL link, then can contact Azimio to have it retrieved for them.

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